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Pop The Balloons

Note: The app has some issues with the new iPad we are working on a fix.


Fun in the party! Popping balloons. But not as easy as it seems...


Pop the Balloon is a game that offers enjoyment and brainwork. Your main aim is to pop the balloons but beware there is a twist in every mode.


Sweat your memory while trying to remember numbers on the balloons. Remember to Pop them in order! Yes there are numbers on them. But only for a while. The question is how long will you remember the numbers if the balloons are moving around. Pass rounds in Remember and Pop mode or test yourself while popping packets of balloons in Timeless Pop mode.


Fill The Baskets mode is a competition to fill as many balloons as you can in the baskets. But remember! Colors should match. What can you do to non-matching colored balloons. POP THEM!! There will be a little warm up for first rounds but it will be hard to make this for every round. Keep your concentration at maximum.


Entertain your kids with Group the Animals mode. Help these cute animal balloons to reach their friends and hear their happy sounds.


Pop Them All mode is the ultimate reflex test and requires fast thinking. Aim is simple. Pop Them All! But be careful. There are bombs that can stop you. You need accurate and fast fingers for this mode.




-Amazing graphics with Retina Display.

-Universal Build

-Cool achievements (look for secret achievements)

-“Game Center” and “OpenFeint” enabled. So you can compete with anybody around the world on leaderboards.

-Post your scores on “facebook” and challenge your friends.

-5 modes with new modes in every app update!

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