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EasyKEY Words

A very innovative text editor with very easy to use keyboard experience for the iPad. Perhaps the best in class.


Keyboard layouts for 8 languages:

• English •French •German •Norwegian •Portuguese •Russian •Spanish •Swedish


‘EasyKEY Words’ Features:


• A user friendly and elegant text editor with features including rich text formatting


• Keyboard layouts based on real life keyboards for very easy typing, with innovative features like dead keys etc…


• Arrow Keys and Word Keys for cursor navigation or selection (when used with Shift Key)


• Favorites for adding up to 8 extra keys for frequently used keys


• Multi Functional Shift Key:

- One Click: normal shift

- Double Click: locks the shift for continuous use

- Shift Hold: Shift can be used with other keys simultaneously


• Store documents locally or to iCloud


• Sort documents by name, creation date or modification date


• Different Share Options to easily share your work


Be more productive and efficient using ‘EasyKEY Words’. Typing could never be easier, we are sure that you will love using it.

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